Princess Leia, Director of Advertising

 Very Much the Princess
 New Cat Tower
 Out for a Walk
 The Princess has her own Umbrella and Attendant
 On the hunt for the elusive 5 foot Sand Hill Crane
 Leia has trained our 100 year old mother and 20 year old grandson to give her a ride.
 Princess Leia turned 2 years old July 27, 2017 Priceless
 Leia arrived Oct 10, 2015
 Jean surprised Jack with Leia at the the Shoppe
 Leia's introduction to Jack
 She sleeps with a grin
 Leia's imitation of a Parrott
 Leia learned to take us for walks early on.
 When she was little, she could fit in anywhere
 As Director of Advertising, Leia gets half of the Partners Desk
 Leia meets a Large Lladro
 One of her favorite things to do is climb ladders
 Leia is an avid reader/chewer of books
 Garden Seats are great for kittens
 Chinese Horseshoe Chairs really are comfy, just ask Leia
 When she outgrew the Walnut Secretary, Leia moved on to the Oak Secretary/Bookcase
 Breakdancing on the Persian
 Leia, meet Max. Max, be careful!
 2 for the Price of 1
 Leia heads toward Neighborhood Dogs
 Carmen, Lilly meet Leia.
 2/14/18 Valentine Kitten
 Leia had her annual bath and roared like a Mountain Lion, but the next day she wanted back in the shower
 Sometimes you just need to stretch
 Window looks out over a pond
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