Statutes, Bronzes, Carved Figures

 Carved Lamp Lazuli Scholar
 Carved "Pink Jade" (Quartz) Quan Yin
 Jade KwanYin
 Bronze "Guardians of the Sky"
 Carved Stone Foo Dogs
 Hand Carved Soapstone Vase w/Floral Design
 Carved Bamboo Brush Pot
 Bamboo Brush Pot
 Netsuke with Rotating Face
 Carved Ivory Netsuke
 Carved Netsuke and Figures
 Carved Bone Letter Opener
 Carved Jade Wiseman
 Bronze Duck by Max Le Verrier (Goose SOLD 09/28/19)
 Qing Dynasty Carved Jade of Boy with Rabbit
 Jade Boy with Rabbit
 Carved Native American Zuni Bear Sculpture
 Bronze Pedestal with Marble top
 Bronze Pedestal with Marble top
 Carved Cinnabar Box with Carved Jade Medallion
 Antique Japanese Bronze Champleve Vases
 Antique Japanese Bronze Champleve Vase
 3000 Year Old Chinese Bronze Axe Head
 Carved Jade Frog with Fitted Wood Stand
 Vintage Netsuke
 Ivory Netsuke; Some with Rotating Faces (2 pieces SOLD 09/14/19; 2d from top left SOLD 11/10/19)
 Carved Boxwood Netsuke: 5 pieces SOLD 09/14/19
 Antique Chinese Metal Water Canteen/Hand Warmer
 Water Canteen/Hand Warmer
 Bronze Ikebana Vase with Dragon
 Qianlong Dynasty Carved Cinnabar Snuff Bottles
 Emperor Qianlong Mark on Cinnabar Snuff Bottle
 Carved Stone Foo Dog Chop
 Foo Dog Chop Inscription
 Hand Carved Hotei Monk of Wealth and Prosperity
 Carved Stone Native American Sculpture SOLD 02/01/20
 Hand Carved Rosewood Quan-Yin SOLD 01/20/20
 Frederic Remington Bronze SOLD 01/05/19
 Bronze by Remington SOLD 01/05/19
 Bronze by Remington SOLD 01/05/19
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