Ceramics, Porcelain & Lacquer

 c. 1900 Satsuma Moriage Vases
 c. 1900 Satsuma Moriage Vase
 c.1900 Satsuma Moriage Vase
 Emperor Jiaqing (1796-1820) era Brush Water Pot
 Inaba Cloisonne Company Box
 Incised Silver Bird and Bamboo scene in Inaba Cloisonne Box
 1900 Imari Covered Jar w/ Fluted Sides Regularly
 Pair of Chinese Ceramic Vases (24 inches)
 Antique 5-Claw Dragon Ginger Jar
 5-Claw Dragon Ginger Jar
 Japanese vase and Lid with Chinese characters in script
 Meiji Era Kutani Jar w/Lid
 Meiji Era Kutani Jar
 Kutani Jar Inscription
 Kutani Lid Inscription
 Japanese Moriage Umbrella Stand
 Moriage Decoration on Rim of Umbrella Stand
 Vintage Imari Gold - Handpainted Plate
 Tapered Garden Seat 16x12
 Oriental Garden Seat 18 x13
 Pueblo Santa Clara Wedding Vase, signed
 Pueblo Santa Clara Incised Flowing Design signed Linda Cain (Native American)
 Black on Black "Feather" Pottery signed R. Diane Martinez
 Carved Lacquered Cinnabar Plate
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