Paintings and Prints

 RC Gorman Signed, Limited Edition
 RC Gorman 1982 Signature
 RC Gorman Limited Edition 122/150
 Original Oil on Canvas by Diaz Guerrero Regularly $2100/SALE $1550
 Steve Penley "Liberty Head" - Original Regularly $12,500/SALE $10,000
 Liberty Head Detail
 19th Century Japanese Geisha Triptych
 1848n Toyokuni Woodblock Print
 19th Century Japanese Woodblock Print
 Close up of Japanese Woodblock Print
 Detail o Chinese Reverse Glass Painting Regularly $160/$120
 Chinese Reverse Glass Painting
 Signed, Limited Edition of Erte's Regularly $1250/SALE $1050
 Chinese Reverse Glass Painting Regularly $130/$90
 Details of Chinese Reverse Glass Painting
 "oriental Princess" Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Regularly $275/$175
 Alex Zwarenstein Original Oil Regularly $5125/$3600
 Original Etching by Alexandre Lunois, 1912; Gallery Frame Regularly $175/SALE $75
 Original Etching by Edouard Georg; 1943; Gallery Frame Regularly $175/SALE $75
 Igor Medvedev "Santorini" Regularly $1700/SALE $1000
 Salvador Dali Limited Edition w/Certificate of Authenticity Regularly $4950/SALE $3500
 R.C. Gorman "Silver Bracelet" Limited Edition Regularly $1495/SALE $750
 R.C. Gorman Signature and Date
 R.C. Gorman Limited Edition 26/225
 1855 Toyokuni III Samurai Woodblock Print Regularly $225/SALE $175
 Oil on Canvas after Jack Vetrianno Regularly $1575/SALE $1000
 After Jack Vettriano
 After Jack Vettriano Info
 Signed by Dali
 Sadanobu III Kabuki Woodblock Print Regularly $125/SALE $75
 Original Watercolor by Vivienne Lee Regularly $895/SALE $550
 Original Watercolor Vignette by Vivienne Lee
 Lt. General Grant's Washington, DC Headquarters and General Sherman's Reception at the House of Representatives Regularly $165/SALE $100
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