World Travels

 Dead Men Make No Sales
 2020 New Year's Day Lunch at the Boathouse in Disney Springs
 Started our Journey 28 June 1970 - Ft. Benning, GA Chapel
 Christmas Tree 2019
 Delayed 49th Anniversary New England Trip
 Epcot Food and Wine Festival 9/11/19
 Viscaya Mansion in Miami
 Miami on our 49th Anniversary
 View of Miami from our Hotel
 2019 Epcot Flower and Garden Show
 Christmas 2018 at the Biltmore House
 December 31, 2018
 Christmas 2018 at The Biltmore
 Christmas 2018 at Disney World
 Christmas 2018
 100 ft Tall Christmas Tree @ Delray Beach, December 11, 2018
 Close Encounter with a Grizzly at The Lodge at Whitefish Lake, June 2018
 Horseback Riding on our 48th Anniversary in Glacier National Park
 Behind the Scenes with the Elephants at Animal Kingdom
 March 18, 2018 Orlando Sentinel Opinion Piece.
 Jack attended the Japanese National Institute for Defense Studies in Tokyo 1993-1994; 2017 Class Reunion Photo
 2/14/18 Headed to Valentine's Dinner
 Traveled 30 minutes to the Magic Kingdom
 North Korea Soldier on the DMZ
 Jean (middle left) in Beppu, Japan
 Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings - plenty of antiques, all illegal to take!
 Pyongyang, North Korea - on our way to the nuclear facility.
 Great Wall of China
 Hosting the President of Korea at the White House
 Seoul, Korea
 St. Petersburg, Russia (not Florida)
 Stockholm, Sweden
 St. Petersburg, Russia 2009
 2015 Original Oil: St. Petersburg Church on Spilled Blood by Alex Zwarenstein
 46th Anniversary Trip to New Orleans - Plantation House
 Morikami Museum and Garden, Delray Beach, FL
 Our Son Jack being promoted to Colonel
 Celebrating 47th Anniversary: Dinner in the Eiffel Tower
 6/29/17 Disneyland Paris
 7/1/17 Napoleon's Tomb, Paris
 6/30/17 Notre Dame, Paris
 6/28/17 From the Eiffel Tower
 6/30/17 The Mona Lisa, Louvre, Paris
 Jean named Seminole County/Apopka Habitat for Humanity Construction Volunteer of the Year - 2017
 Accompanied Secretary of State Albright and Featured in the North Korean Newspaper
 3rd from right with Kim Jong Il and Secretary Albright
 The President of Ford Motor Company gave Jean a Mustang Convertible
 It was a high-end Model
 Traveled all the way to Orlando for the James Taylor Concert 05/09/18
 Father's Day 2018 with Minnie
 Father's Day 2018 with Mickey
 Montana is Big Sky Country (Blackfeet Nation)
 Two Medicine Lake, Glacier National Park
 1st Order of Business on our 2018 Trip to Glacier National Park: Buy Bear Spray
 High School Golf Team, 1968
 Attended the Bill Clinton/James Patterson Event 11/30/18
 Christmas 2018 at the Magic Kingdom
 The Biltmore at Christmas 2018
 The Biltmore Inn Christmas 2018
 Nanci, Susan and Jan 02/23/2019
 4'x4' Neil Loeb Mickey Clock
 Elton John in Concert - Orlando March 18, 2019
 Arthetic Bone removed and pins inserted 5/9/19
 Could Not resist the Captain Jack's Antique Shoppe T
 At Hollywood Studios Toy Story Land
 Vermont Country Store
 Toured Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory
 Portland Head Lighthouse
 Bear Paw Print in our backyard. Not for Sale.
 Christmas at EPCOT 2019
 EPCOT 2019 English Santa
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